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Audi Bets Users To Pay Extra For The A7’s Tech Upgrades And Design


Plausibly, you must purchase the lower-cost Audi A6. They have the similar powertrain. They manage almost identically. The issue is, users do not purchase cars on the basis of logic. The Audi A7 (introductory price tag of $68,000) seems spectacular. When you look at the A7 & A6 together, the A7 is simply a cooler piece. The low-slung Sportback design seems like it slices through the wind easily. The four-door vehicle looks like a coupe, similar to a Mercedes CLA but with no “coupe.” But it is also a hatchback. It in fact has a trunk hatchback.

The complete rear of the vehicle and rear window swing up. It is huge and is also part of the charm by A7. It requires those bits of wonderment and luxury to show up from the A6 since it has quite a lot of performance specs same with the less costly car. And hence, the firm claims that users will pay extra for the tech upgrades and design of the A7.

On a related note, Audi earlier staged the worldwide roll out of the latest electric sport utility car on the home ground of competitor Tesla Inc. Audi underlined an agreement with Amazon to make recharging of its upcoming e-tron models simpler. The Audi midsize e-tron SUV will be provided in the U.S. from 2019 at an introductory cost of $75,795 along with a $7,500 as tax credit. It is one of a volley of electric cars arriving from Volkswagen AG brands.

Audi aims to branch out in the market for premium electric cars and also to get hold of that market share from Palo Alto. This is the same market that Tesla has been aiming for years now. “I need Audi to be the number-one electric car company in the U.S. for a long term,” claimed Scott Keogh, President at Audi of America, to the media in a statement.

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